This chapter argues that transwomen's identities and subjectivities are constituted through a complex array of body modification, clothing, and adornment practices within discourses of choice and desire. It explores various subjective positions of transwomen through childhood and the decision making processes in order to transition. The chapter illustrates the broad range of trans subject positions and moves beyond monolithic and universalistic understandings of transwomen and explores the diversity among their narratives. It also concentrates on the decision making processes and the emotional ebb and flow and ambivalence inherent in the desire to transition from male to female. Many transwomen rebutted the association of transpeople with perversion and stereotypicality, which influenced their aesthetic sartorial figurations. The age of participants was a significant factor in whether they could attain unambiguous feminine aesthetics, because for the older transwomen hormone and surgical technology could only lessen the masculinizing effects of the "ravages of testosterone".