This chapter uses the concept of "bodily aesthetics" to refer to the appearance of the body that is subjected to judgments in order to understand how three well known Trans-Community Organizations (T-CO)s in the UK represent Transsexual bodies publicly. It explores the particular political framings of transbodies and the aesthetic judgments that accompany them in three prominent T-COs in the UK. The Gender Identity Research and Education Society, Press for Change and a "DIY" Queer collective that is based in the North of England, but which has links with similar collectives across the UK. The chapter opens up the social and political body questions concerning recognition, that it is addressing, by illustrating three major areas healthcare, law and cultural production where absent bodies figure in the attempt to change social attitudes towards trans embodiment. However, the social body is formulated differently by each of the T-COs considered, each of which attempt to claim ontological positions about Transsexuals' embodiment.