For both José María Blanco White and Richard Robert Madden, the movement from Spanish to English entails pan-Atlantic relocations from South to North, a movement informed by the liberationist discourses of independence and abolition. Blanco's writings can be understood within the political context of British interests, but such a Eurocentric focus has overlooked how Blanco's writings in Variedades form part of the pan-Atlantic crossings of British Romanticism. Variedades places Blanco as an agent in the globalist project of the Romantic era, which Alan Richardson, Sonia Hofkosh, Tim Fulford, Peter Kitson, Sari Makdisi, and others have articulated. Britain's cultural as well as political and economic ascendancy becomes apparent to Blanco while he is still in Spain. Blanco's 'Life in Spain', as he titles it in his autobiography, prepared him to ride the wave of the revolutionary zeitgeist that traveled through the Hispanic world from 1808 to 1825.