The discretion of your sanctity should know therefore that after having been honourably received by king Bela of Hungary and having been kindly and humanely treated by him, no sooner had we entered the kingdom of Greece than we fell into the hands of thieves and robbers, for no trust is to be placed in the Greeks. For contrary to the common law of not maltreating envoys they imprisoned the Bishop of Münster and Count rupert. We marched with great difficulty through the regions of Bulgaria, and after a long time on the road we first captured and sacked the city of Philippopolis, and then destroyed the famous citadel of Berrhoë, putting the whole of the surrounding region to the sword. We also captured the noble city of Adrianople and the towns around about, while the duke of swabia captured the impregnable city of dimotika, killing a vast number of the inhabitants of the town. A fortress called Maniceta was destroyed by our knights and a few [others] from the army.4 some six thousand Greeks perished there through fire and sword, many other fortresses were captured and there was a great massacre of the Greeks. When, however, they were perished with hunger, suitable hostages were received from the Emperor of Constantinople, and our envoys were returned to us, along with those whom the sultan and his son had sent to us, who had [also] previously been detained. We crossed the Arm of st George during the feast of Easter, with both people and goods in excellent condition. But afterwards what had been sworn and promised to us by the aforesaid emperor was never observed.