Disney's Aladdin is a very successful movie by Hollywood standards. Produced in 1992 for a comparatively paltry US 28 million dollar, it has grossed US 504 million dollar to date worldwide and was nominated for five Academy Awards, winning two. When the Genie is explaining to Aladdin the parameters of the kind of wishes he can grant, the very first exclusion has to do with romantic love. The story, based on the folktale Aladdin and the Magic Lamp from 1,001 Arabian Nights, did not originally include the Genie's wish restrictions. The animals in Aladdin are clearly intended to be animals, not simply another example of Pinocchio's Jiminy Cricket. Clearly, the creative team on Aladdin just did not think this was important or necessary. Aladdin would be a more satisfying character if they had allowed him to "grow" rather than merely to "change".