The scientific approach seeks to achieve whatever understanding is possible while remaining firmly anchored within the everyday 1st-person experience. By carefully documenting the activities performed by a 1st-person creating and using such symbols, this chapter examines the architecture of a conscious loop as the activity we have been doing all along as conscious beings. The utility of the laws of physics to predict and control the 1st-person sensations is undeniable. The drawing of the 1st-Person Laboratory is produced by mapping the world of appearances in front of the noses to a subset of those appearances located on the page in front of us. By placing symbols within symbols, the chapter presents a mechanism for exploring the interaction between observables and their symbolic explanatory models within the 1st-person context. The assumption of objects moving in a 1st-Person Laboratory is that they are moved by forces that may be mimicked by action-flow calculations in one’s model but not caused by them.