Hipsters confessed a deep affinity with mid-century jazz and popular culture, which meant that race played a central role. The hipsters were a literary movement that was associated with a prominent group of American writers known as The Beats: Jack Kerouac, William Burroughs, and the poet Allen Ginsberg that became known as the Beat Generation. Essentially, the Beats admired and were influenced by the Negro hipster and often forged intimate relationships that were accepted by the subculture without prejudice. Today the millennial hipster has its own particular caste, its ethics of social indeterminism admitting of a variety of social groups and sexual persuasions. At best, the hipster is about disillusion at the depersonalization and complexities of the world, at worst it is lassitude and intransigence justified by what it sees is the implacability of the world, a world with too many secrets and vested interests.