Shortly after the end of the first conference on building Dazhaitype counties in September 1975, the political struggle for succession took a drastic turn against Deng and in favor of the "Gang of Four." It is to be recalled that in spite of the all-out opposition of the "Gang of Four," Deng was appointed a vice-premier of the State Council in January 1975 to take charge of all its work on behalf of the seriously ill Zhou Enlai. He downgraded Mao's call for class struggle and put it on a par with the need to preserve "stability and unity" and a program of economic development. Mao, however, had serious disagreements with Deng's program of economic development which downgraded the revolutionary class struggle. In November, a campaign to "beat back the right-deviationist wind of trying to reverse correct verdicts" was launched. Deng was the target of severe criticism although his name was not mentioned. It was later said that the campaign had been personally initiated and led by Mao himself.