The Anglo-Indian colonels and the retired dowagers who go there for sport and cards realize what a romantic town it is, with its spacious Regency Houses and its wealth of flowering trees and shrubs. The beauty of the place struck the small rebellious child who was being taken from India to go to school under Miss Beale, then very modern head of the Ladies College, and one of the few great educators in the country or indeed anywhere. The bleaching works were a family property in which every man, woman and child had grown up serving Ainsworths, was a great joy, and always wandering round watching the processes, inhaling the pungent odours of the bleaching works, which people honestly liked. The author always thought Sir James Stephen like Judge Jeffreys, but as a matter of fact he was extremely kind and it was a most unfair impression, but children get ideas into their heads and nothing will get them out.