Research that highlights both the pace of change as well as the need for change supports recommendations for developing entrepreneurial mindsets. Fullan and Langworthy believe that the change processes that are underway in education and will continue to unfold involve change at all levels. Education systems do not exist in isolation. The transformation of education that leads us towards well-being for all, sustainably, involves interaction amongst schools, their communities, and the world at large. Bergman and Sams concur. They have been asked to identify the biggest hurdle in implementing flipped classrooms. The new learning partnerships between students and teachers, teachers influence on their peers, and learning conditions shaped by leaders all converge to enable change. Leader character is the main focus of a Transformational Leadership course in the Master of Business Administration program at the Ivey Business School, Western University. The real life accomplishments of Dawson College and the spread of NPDL belie this pessimistic viewpoint.