Richard Louv coined the phrase Nature-deficit disorder to capture the concern that childhood experiences are changing and that this impacts children's health and well-being. Inclusive, respectful processes that integrate creativity, arts, culture, and heritage into key municipal policy and practice, e.g. concerts, festivals, theater and arts performances, accessible gathering places, encouraging artists, open streets, libraries, and museums. A commitment to sustainability and environmental health in all municipal activities, e.g. parks, public spaces, hiking trails, safe cycling routes, trees, vegetation, community gardens, renewable energy, and climate change mitigation and adaptation. Options for affordable, sustainable, active, and safe transportation for all citizens, e.g. sidewalks, bike lanes, car-free zones, open streets, public transit, carpools, rideshares, carshares, trails, benches, school travel planning, and safe routes to school. A vibrant local economy that balances regional, national, and international initiatives, all with the goal of meeting current and future needs of the community, sustainably.