Michael Fullan believes that new technology is a key part of a triad that is needed to transform education. Organizations like Taking IT Global are providing programs, products, and services that demonstrate how learning can be transformed, while meeting our global learning needs, sustainably. Deforest ACTION is a global movement of youth and schools taking action to stop deforestation and create a permanent habitat for orangutans and other species that depend on forest ecosystems. Tread Lightly is a free climate change education and engagement program offered with the generous support of the Staples Foundation. The Sprout e-course equips youth around the world with project management skills essential to developing and implementing effective social innovation projects in their communities. Gamification is a bizarre word. Fullan acknowledges the potential drawbacks of inappropriate use of digital technology, such as getting lost' in virtual worlds rather than engaging in the real world, cyber-bullying, misuse of personal information, and hyper-stimulation.