Solution Focused Practice is a change-focused approach that helps people find ways forward from difficult or challenging situations by focusing on what is wanted in the future, what is already working and highlighting the capacities and skills available to support progress. The outcome orientation and adaptability of SFP is particularly apt for the education context, offering a framework for developing constructive dialogues at an individual, group, class and organisational level. Referencing key historical developments, this opening chapter provides an overview of the core elements of SFP: best hopes, preferred futures, instances and scales. It will provide a summary of key SF questions and outline the fundamental skills that support effective SF practice. Examples illustrate the direct applicability of SF thinking to the everyday situations that staff, younger children and adolescents encounter in the school context. Research and literature relevant to the education context is outlined along with a brief guide to support practitioners in building their understanding and use of those aspects of SFP that they are most interested in. This chapter will be of interest to education managers, school staff and all external professionals who work in a supportive capacity in schools.