A class that is buzzing with activity and ideas is a great place to be for both staff and students. Drawing on examples of work with challenging classes, this chapter will explore a range of practical and time-effective SF frameworks to invite students, across the primary and secondary age ranges, into constructive conversations about building the classroom environment that brings out the best in themselves and each other. Focusing on the language of possibility, change and success students will experience the consequent pleasure of discovering what is valued in both their learning and behaviour. Key techniques central to building accessibility and opportunities through detail will be discussed along with the use of other person perspective questions that can help to build a community of support within and around classes. Numerous examples of 5 minute conversation frameworks are given to facilitate on-going dialogues and reflections that can be accommodated within the busy demands of the school day. There are also many creative and practical examples of how to use and differentiate scales in order to build a constructive dialogue, even when there has been a difficulty, so that successes can be celebrated and progress calibrated.