This chapter outlines the applicability of a SF approach in structuring forward-looking coaching conversations, consultations and meetings in the school context to support change from an individual through to an organisational level. Specific SF techniques will be discussed in relation to establishing the best hopes within a framework that can be adapted to build collective dialogues with multiple participants so that people leave with an increased sense of purpose and belief. Numerous examples of conversations with individual staff, staff groups and parents will illustrate how to build detail around potential and effective futures, how to develop short effective conversations over time and how to rekindle hope and focus in tough situations. The chapter will also illustrate how preferred future descriptions, instances of success and the use of scales can support the development of policies and procedures at an organisational level. Change happens more effectively and robustly when it rests on strengths. A key feature throughout the chapter will be creating a discipline of appreciation: the way in which we talk about what we see and what we do shapes an ethos that supports change, difference and challenge.