Shelley's residence in Geneva is recorded in the minutes of an administrative commission, the Chambre des Etrangers, which was charged to look into the movements and activities of foreign visitors. His domicile is described as 'Montalegre, Maison Chappuis'. This is the correct name of the place and of the house, although it does not specify which of the two houses at Montalegre owned by Jacob Chappuis was inhabited by the Shelleys. According to oral tradition, the Shelley household did not live in the main building, but in the annex which the register describes as a 'Logement, Maconnerie'. Shelley himself, in the History of a Six Weeks Tour, speaks of 'Montalegre'. Living in the neighbourhood, Medwin must have visited the place frequently and also shown it to his friends, the Williams's, Trelawny, and George Jervoice, to whom he tried to communicate his enthusiastic admiration for Shelley.