the original autograph letter of Shelley to Medwin which is here discussed, was bequeathed to the Bibliothèque publique et universitaire de Genève in 1876 by the Genevese physician and philanthropist, Jean-Charles Coindet (1797–1876). It consists of two quarto leaves, with the address written on the verso of the second leaf. It bears the postmark PISA, and 9 APRILE is stamped on that half of the second leaf which was folded back to close the letter. The postal charge 6/1 is written in a different ink across the address. The letter was sealed with a wafer. Shelley wrote it with a broad quill, and there are several blots owing to the bad quality of the paper and, perhaps, also to the state of mind in which it was composed. The handwriting of the letter has been examined by specialists; they all agree that the letter is genuine.

Pisa, April 4th 1821.