Business regulation is the passing of rules, procedures and laws to govern business and industry. US government regulation of business developed with the Industrial Revolution in the late nineteenth century. Politico news editor Karey Van Hall on finding business stories at government agencies: Read the fine print. State politicians tried to regulate businesses, but they were limited in what could be done. Before the 1880s, the federal government played a minor role in American business. In 1914, Congress created the FTC when it passed the Clayton Antitrust Act, which amended the Sherman legislation by outlawing predatory pricing and making illegal other business tactics. A federal regulatory agency charged with overseeing interstate and international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite and cable. Public service commission's and public utility commissions across the country oversee how many electrical companies, water companies and other utilities charge their customers. Insurance companies take the premiums paid to them by consumers and businesses and invest that money.