This chapter focuses on four interruptions to habits that one may have formed in their previous university work. There are many more doctoral programmes of different types and those enrolled in doctorates are a far more diverse group than ever before. Doctorates are now offered part-time, full-time, face-to-face, online, and in various mixed modes. The person enrolled in a doctorate may well be straight from their undergraduate and Masters or be a professional returning from the workplace or a retiree fulfilling a lifetime ambition. Today, the doctorate is an important part of government policymaking, with considerations of fees, visas and reasons for study having equal billing with issues of research funding. The chapter offers four frameworks to aid one's reflection; new tools for thinking differently about the doctoral project that one have taken on. These are called reframing ideas. They are: making a modest contribution, building a scholarly identity, writing as a social and cultural practice, entering a scholarly conversation.