Algama GossipGirl: “Namaste _/!\_, Clint ; )” Human Riddle: “You are getting really close” Algama: “Does this look okay?” Human: “That is really good I think *smiles*” TypeZen Sideways: “Looks good. You just need to make your breasts smaller . :-) Human: LOL Algama: “Such a production •*´ ’¨*•.¸ .¸•*´ ’¨*•.¸ giggles¸.•*´ ’¨*•.¸ .¸•*´ ’¨*•”

Transcript of conversation at Hoben Mountain Zen Retreat

(February 23, 2010)

Concentrating on the role of gender in identity formation, and refracting our analysis through free virtual Buddhist monk robes ( kāṣāya ) handed out at Hoben Mountain Zen Retreat on February 23, 2010, this chapter explores how residents used Second Life’s media practices to fashion mindful selves. When I logged on the day the free version became available at Hoben, I came across an almost carnivalesque group helping a female human avatar , Algama GossipGirl, edit the robes so that they would fi t ( Figure 4.1 ). As a default, the robes had been made for men. We found, however, that they tended to mostly be modifi ed and worn by female avatars. I maintain that for female avatars the Buddhist robes played a part in fashioning selves that were both politically and spiritually liberating.