There are four main types of YouTube pages. This chapter focuses on the video page, which is designed to display a video and all of the text that is associated with it. The second type consists of the channel pages discussed in Chapter 4 , which are largely made up of links to other pages on the site. These include individual and commercial user-generated channels, auto-generated topic channels and the YouTube home page. Channel pages have a standardized design, in which hyperlinks are displayed in a matrix or table format. The format of hyperlinks is also standardized and will be discussed as a component of the video page. The third type consists of what I will call the ‘back-stage’ pages that are used to upload and manage user-generated content. The most important of these is the ‘upload page’, which is used to upload videos and create new video pages. The fourth type consists of information and help pages, which have the conventional form of web pages on a hierarchically organized site. These pages are, in a sense, ancillary to the site because they do not contain user-generated content and contain very few links to video content.