Most twenty-first-century producing businesses achieve a gross income of 30–40 percent of retail value by using excellent positioning strategies. Improving the positioning of African and LDC export sectors can generate incomes that are 10 times higher than current incomes. Applying Intellectual Property (IP) positioning is important and imperative because business best practice has large impact unlike any other strategy. Women's Owned Nilotica Shea (WONS) is a fully developed positioning opportunity for at least 10,000 women, many former child soldiers in South Sudan and northern Uganda. In just two examples, Ugandan and South Sudanese shea butter, and Ethiopian fine leather, the positioning method improves income dramatically, positively affecting 40 million herders in Ethiopia and over 10,000 women in northern Uganda. Positioning is also different from private sector development driven by corporations that are importers or brand owners seeking to put African products under their brands.