Therapy has the reputation of uncovering all of our problems, talking at great length about each problem; when it started, the worst it's been, who thinks it is a problem, and more to get the full set of problematic details. Future Play turns conversations towards the future in words as well as concrete actions. It uses play activities and role play to illuminate details about an imagined ideal future. Some children are talkative enough that they can, with guidance, verbally describe a desired future in enough detail to move towards a solution. Storytelling, music, art, drama, poetry, and dance can all be utilized to rehearse the future. Successes or accomplishments from the past and the present, and hopes for the future can all be expressed in clay and sandtray creations. Children can choose puppets to show all the different parts of the story. Alternatively, each family member can choose a puppet to represent whatever future characteristics they need them to.