This chapter gives an encyclopedic account of all the identifiable right-wing violent and terrorist actors in Germany as part of the database used for this work between 1963 and 2015. The list includes the most important known characteristics of these actors, the quality of the information available and a short summary of the actor’s history or attacks. As the majority of right-wing attackers were detected or intercepted before they could carry out their plans, this list covers plots and failed attacks as well. It is important to understand that even though this list is the most extensive ever compiled regarding German right-wing terrorism and violence, it is still only a fraction of the real extent of right-wing violence. As it lies within the nature of terrorism and clandestine violence, many if not most plans and plots have never become publicly known. Hundreds of arson attacks carried out in the early 1990s in Germany have not been attributed to identifiable actors for example. In addition, as the NSU case shows, murders and even bombings carried out by right-wing extremists can go unattributed for decades. Consequently, this list gives the first opportunity to understand and grasp the nature of the visible side of right-wing terrorism and violence in Germany after the Second World War.