ACCORDING to Dr. C-—’s advice, I go to the pump-room46 now to drink the waters, though I cannot apprehend the bene t which will accrue to me from being every morning made sick. On my complaining, he has remedied this a little by leaving the quantity to my own judgment. ere I regularly see the Mr. S-— whom I have mentioned to you, and who has since visited us. I nd something of elegance and re nement about him, which I have not before met with. ere is a so politeness, an appearance even of tenderness in his compliments, which is very prepossessing. He saw my aunt frequently during my few days of con nement. is morning his father Lord S-— was in the room, whose eyes scarce a moment quitted this darling son, though he himself did not join our party, of which during our short stay his son made one.