Youth is constructed at the intersections of a wide range of knowledges about Youth and so-called Youth issues. In this chapter, the authors recognize what it is that they do when they do Youth Studies, and what it is that they do when they seek to think about and engage neo-Liberal capitalism’s ‘politics of disposability’ in ways that trouble or unsettle their understandings of young people’s marginalisation. One challenge for a governmentalised Youth Studies is to re-enchant a sociological imagination in ways the push up against, and trouble, the limits of what it is that counts as knowledge of young people: knowledge that comes from the biological, behavioural, and social sciences. The authors explore some of the ways in which the trajectories of various forms of thinking and writing are shifting into spaces such as post-humanism, and the ways in which the humanities and social sciences are engaging with concepts such as the Anthropocene, the Capitalocene, even the Chthulucene.