In this chapter, the authors discuss the body as a figure, and engage with theories of affect, in order to understand the process of bodying forth in partial connection with others, objects, places, and affects. They examine the ways in which women’s self-formation and bodies have been understood and represented in the field of Youth Studies. The authors show how a range of human and non-human actors, digital and non-digital fields and objects are recruited in the process of women’s bodying forth. Doing gendered embodiment, in Iraq, is a struggle for many young people. Young people’s life-worlds and life-stages are centred, pushing debates about the body to the periphery. Young women’s bodies are often framed as problematic, as dis-ordered, through a focus on eating and body image. In the hinterlands of Youth Studies there are debates about digitally mediated youth, and the risks young people face growing up in a technological age that encourages sedentary behaviour and increasing screen time.