The possibilities of recognition of the inherent ambivalence and irony of the human condition, a recognition that is accompanied by a refusal to allow the ‘extermination’ of that ambivalence. The possibilities of ‘shouting truth to power’, and to neo-Liberal capitalism’s ‘politics of disposability’. Little alternative but to think, continually, about what ‘staying’ or ‘sticking’ with the trouble means for doing a form of Youth Studies that remains profoundly troubled by the experience, the affect, the effects, and consequences, of marginalisation, of immiseration, for some many millions of young people. Donna Haraway thinks that ‘Trouble is an interesting word’. In Staying with the Trouble, Haraway highlights the crises of earth systems that situate all ‘in the midst of the earth’s sixth great extinction event and in the midst of engulfing wars, extractions, and immiserations of billions of people and other critters for something called “profit” or “power”–or, called “God”’.