This chapter argues the ending may even be considered 'fake', merely repeating other texts and conventions. It explores Easy A's intertextual repetition and particularly its connection to a history of teen film, but this repetition also highlights that endings may be rendered inconclusive by the multiple readings which may be made of a text. The chapter also explores the textual repetition within Easy A and the ways it pulls the text in multiple directions, suggesting that this repetition may call into question the sincerity of intimate moments. In exploring this repetition, The chapter considers two significant elements of the narrative. Firstly, Olive's lie to Rhiannon is central to the plot, prioritising their friendship within the film. Secondly, It argues that the rumours that surround Olive's reputation and her performative sex with Brandon centre the concept of passing within the narrative and thus foreground the complex intimacies between Rhiannon and Olive which are left open in this heteronormative ending.