This chapter examines the third generation of Skins characters. Although in many ways 'the usual, conventional gendered sexual norms' found in the representation of sexuality continue to apply in Skins, It considers the ways Skins challenges expectations of appropriate girlhood, instead appreciating confused, conflicted, and imperfect representations. The series starts with a teen film dynamic with viewers introduced to popular couple Mini and Nick, Nick's brother Matty, a clique of cool girls, Mini, Liv and Grace and the outsiders Franky and best mates Alo and Rich. The friendship between Mini, Liv, Grace and Franky similarly borders on eroticism, a blurring which particularly inflects a school performance of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night directed by Grace. The chapter explores on grief, anger, frustration, contempt, impatience, perhaps respect and fascination. It focuses on hospitality where this means to 'welcome, with what the OED describes as 'liberality and goodwill', whatever and whoever turns up'.