Himanshu Prabha Ray is Chairperson of National Monuments Authority, Ministry of Culture, New Delhi and Professor, Distant Worlds, Munich Graduate School of Ancient Studies, Ludwig Maximillian University, Munich. She was Professor of Archaeology and Maritime History, Centre for Historical Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, until August 2012. She is the recipient of Anneliese Maier Research Award 2013 of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. Her research interests include the Archaeology of Religion in Asia, especially Buddhism and Maritime History and Archaeology of the Indian Ocean. Her recent publications include The Return of the Buddha: Ancient Symbols for a New Nation (2014) and Colonial Archaeology in South Asia (1944-1948): The Legacy of Sir Mortimer Wheeler in India (2007); and two edited volumes Archaeology and Text: The Temple in South Asia (2010) and Sanghol and the Archaeology of Punjab (2010).