This chapter argues that the huge Kagurazaka Eins Tower Manshon is also overshadowing the corner of Kagurazaka, even being more visible, and standing there like a giant in the dark. Kagurazaka is sometimes overlooked when it comes to well-known places in Tokyo offering a mix of history and modernity. The area is divided into Kagurashitazaka and Kagurazakaue, and often people wonder where the name Kagurazaka comes from. Thus, Kagurazaka is often translated as ‘God Music Slope’ and even nowadays, traditional tunes come from tapes to escort people while strolling along the rojis of Kagurazaka, contributing to the historical flair of the district. Kagurazaka’s history reaches back to the Yayoi period when the area was used for agricultural purposes. During Meiji, Kagurazaka was a famous place that many writers, artists and politicians frequented because of its hidden, playful Hanamachi district appeal. Kagurazaka looks more and more accessible, cleaned and cleared from historical features.