The move of the nearby Tsukiji fish market, where many fishermen from Tsukudajima work, from Tsukiji to Toyosu is one of these most recent changes and will – a planned move in 2016 was postponed for different reasons – maybe be moved at a much later date or not at all. In 2011, the island – which consists of the neighbourhoods Tsukuda, Tsukishima, Kachidoki, Toyomicho and Harumi and stretches over ca. 2, 3 km2 – was the home to 28,000 families. The island of Tsukuda–Tsukishima is an area of reclaimed land located in the mouth of the Sumida River in the Tokyo Bay, between the mainland and Toyosu. As the population was also rapidly rising in Tsukuda, the houses and alleyways were soon jam-packed and full of people coming and going, making it even harder to keep up standards of hygiene or fire safety.