This chapter provides a review of the emerging literature on individual differences and nostalgia. It considers trait differences in people's propensity to be nostalgic, and analyzes recent work elucidating psychological characteristics that may contribute to these differences in nostalgia proneness. The chapter discusses recent research suggesting that individual differences can influence the content of nostalgia as well as its functionality. There are a few different scales that have been used to assess nostalgia proneness. The Time Perspective Inventory (TPI) is a measure that assesses positive and negative attitudes toward the past, present, and future. The chapter also discusses demographic variables such as age and gender, which in some studies have influenced nostalgia. There have been two published papers considering the role individual differences play in shaping the content of nostalgic memories, indicating the importance of psychological traits. The chapter ends with suggestions for future research focused on better revealing the role that individual differences play in nostalgia.