Chapter 4 opens with a summary of the research supporting classroom-level interventions led by school counselors and ties the ASCA Mindsets & Behaviors for Student Success to some of the critical skills revealed in the research supporting classroom programs. Next, various possibilities of delivering classroom core curriculum programs are detailed with helpful tips for implementing these programs. A multi-modal format for presenting classroom lessons that include Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences is described that will help beginning school counselors win over students and build their level of engagement. Related to delivering engaging and meaningful lessons are tips to help new school counselors manage a classroom. This section is especially helpful for the school counselor who does not have teaching experience. The second half of the chapter includes examples of evidence-based classroom programs. The evidence-based Student Success Skills (SSS) Classroom Program provides concrete examples of brief, engaging strategies that can be used when presenting any curriculum. In addition, a special section on providing classroom level support following a crisis is described using the Classroom Crisis Intervention model. The chapter concludes with a helpful section entitled “10 Steps for Building in Success.”