Chapter 5 begins with a rationale for group counseling as an essential component in a modern evidence-based school counseling program. This rationale is anchored in outcome research supporting the effectiveness of groups with children and adolescents. A theoretical basis for group counseling with children and adolescents in schools is described along with a description of various types of groups, topics, and group formats that are typically offered by school counselors. New school counselors will find the section on “Building in Success for Your Group Counseling Program” to be specific, concrete, and very helpful. Related to building in success for groups, tips on getting a group counseling program started are provided. A brief and easy-to -follow overview of group leadership skills is included along with examples of evidence-based group counseling programs. The chapter ends with an example of a teacher referral form, and a pre-group screening checklist called “A Question of Balance: Screening for Group Counseling.” Last, the “Group Counseling Tape Review Form” provides a rubric school counselors can use to measure their level of skill in leading groups.