Chapter 7 begins by describing the ASCA National Model in relation to indirect services, which include consultation and collaboration. A rationale for consultation is provided and the process of consultation is defined including clarification of the difference between consultation versus counseling. The focus of the first half of this chapter is on a very specific and detailed collaborative problem-solving approach to parent and teacher case consultation. This practical and easy-to-follow model will help new school counselors conduct effective consultations with both parents and teachers with confidence. A Case Consultation Tape Review Form provides helpful rubrics that school counselors can use to evaluate their case consultation skills. The chapter includes a discussion of collaboration and emphasizes working with parents and teachers. One helpful section describes how school counselors can collaborate with and help parents and teachers establish positive expectancy in students when they refer students to counseling. A model for presenting workshops to parents and teachers is described. New school counselors will gain confidence and skill when they practice presenting workshops to parents and teachers using this engaging model that is both detailed and easy to follow.