The Boston ArtScience Prize's 2010-2011 theme of The Future of Water, the program's 2013-2014 theme of Energy of the Future emanated from the planning and intellectual contributions of various stakeholders, including outside field experts, organizational leadership, and administrative staff members. Shaunalynn and Rosalie worked with ten students who later formed two distinct idea development teams. One team referred to themselves as Reverse Outlet. The other team referred to themselves as Static Fashion. The Static Fashion team aimed to develop kinetic clothing that captured human-generated static electricity and transformed it into usable energy. There are many similarities between the BiodegradaBall and Static Fashion idea development processes. The biography of BiodegradaBall was developed post facto; the biography of Static Fashion was developed in vivo. This chapter offers biography of an idea an in-depth look at the central part of the Static Fashion idea development process, and provides a brief overview of the earlier and later stages of idea development.