This chapter focuses on participatory creativity, learning, and development is roughly divided into three parts. The first part considers what learning takes place when young people engage in participatory creativity. The second part proposes a framework for participatory creativity, learning, and development, and the last part considers the implications for education associated with a participatory reframing of creative learning experiences. In order to establish a participatory creativity-based framework for learning and development, it is important to first scale back John-Steiner and her colleagues theory from the cultural level to the local level, and then to add a distributed contributing stakeholder group into the mix. The biography of the Static Fashion idea, and the team's reflection on their participation in the development of that idea, teaches us that three key things are learned by engaging in the process of socially distributed idea development: content-area knowledge and skills, intrapersonal and interpersonal skills, and a sense of self as a creative participant.