Besides the riot-related crimes and their later treatment in court cases, we find such topics as general law and order discussions (for instance during the Tory party conferences), projects for new laws of criminal evidence and public order, worries about increasing crime (especially in the inner cities), and the recruitment of new black police officers. But even these topics are often related to the prevention or containment of future disorders (see also Benyon and Solomos, 1987). The same is true for the recurring topic of styles and modes of policing, which the tabloids want to be tough, instead of the ‘softly softly* community policing. To legitimate its views, and to avoid obvious accusations of racism, the Mail even publishes a series of very long articles on tough policing in the Caribbean, thereby implying that when the black police there behave like this against blacks, it is ridiculous to criticize white police harassment of young blacks in Britain.