The research projects outlined in the book illuminate the ways that academic and student subjectivities are gendered and how this is enmeshed in the gendering of subject areas, practices and disciplines. However, such insights do not reinforce the wider hegemonic view that contemporary higher education has become a ‘feminised’ space. Rather, our project data show that masculinities and femininities play out in complex ways to shape pedagogical experiences, relations, subjectivities and practices, and are both infl uenced by and are challenging to hegemonic discourses of gender and masculinity. Pedagogies are conceptualised as constitutive of gendered formations through the discursive practices and regimes of truth at play in particular pedagogic and disciplinary spaces. This chapter draws on both the GaP and Fulbright data to show that pedagogies do not simply refl ect the gendered identities of academics and students but pedagogies themselves are gendered , intimately bound up with historical and masculinised ways of being and doing within higher education.