This chapter discusses how assembled the selfie dataset, people research methods, the presentation of the work via visualisations and a website, and some of their findings. User-generated visual media, such as images and video shared on Instagram, YouTube, Sina Weibo, VK, Flickr and other popular social media services, open up amazing opportunities for the study of contemporary visual and urban culture. The project presentation online combines findings about the demographics of people taking selfies and their poses and expressions; a number of media visualisations, which assemble thousands of photos; and an interactive application, which allows visitors to explore the whole set of 3,200 selfie photos, sorting and filtering it to find new patterns. The chapter shows the average numbers of taxi pick-ups and drop-offs, Twitter posts with images and average family income for the parts of the city crossed by Broadway. To help with navigation, they added additional layers showing names of Manhattan neighbourhoods crossed by Broadway, cross-streets and landmarks.