This chapter presents an interview with the author by David Greven. Initially David Greven questions the author that what were the chief motivations for her first and crucial project 'Loving with a Vengeance' and also her contribution towards feminist theory. Modleski responds that she was addicted to romances of the kind written by Emily Loring, whose books were written in the first half of last century. In graduate school at Stanford University, someone casually mentioned to her that Harlequins had become explicitly sexual, and out of curiosity the author picked up a couple. And found her addicted once again. So she read 'The Second Sex', 'The Golden Notebook' and 'The Dialectic of Sex'. Modleski was impelled to figure out how a militant feminist, could nevertheless be so captivated by what almost every feminist critic denounced as rape fantasies. David and Tania Modleski reflect on how feminist and queer approaches to Hitchcock studies brought into dialogue.