Coaching is an extension of the Socratic Method because it relies on inquiry to achieve its purpose within the context of an egalitarian relationship. Additionally, both the Socratic Method and coaching employ the complementary processes of support and challenge as the means for accomplishing their purposes. During coaching, support strengthens the relationship and serves as a foundation for much of the work that is done to buttress goal achievement. The Foursquare Coaching Framework is a conceptual structure that helps to plot a route through the ever-changing terrain of the coaching conversation. It consists of four quadrants, each with a different purpose and accompanying methods and techniques. Support-for-Thought establishes rapport and builds a platform of understanding about the client's current situation. When the conversation moves to Challenge-for-Thought, clients are prompted to think about what they want in specific terms, how it is different from what they have now, and then receives help in removing any mental barriers that impede progress.