This chapter outlines the unique establishment of a complete system of socialised State medicine in USSR. Marx demanded possession and control of production and means of production as a necessary condition of a socialist State, and the Soviet State. Soviet Communism is actively anti-religious. The type of religious belief in the pre-revolution period, and the conditions in the orthodox Church partially explain this; the Communists have adopted materialism of an intolerant type. In Russia, marriage itself was deprived of its sacredness. In 1936 the public policy of Russia both as to birth-control and abortion has been profoundly modified. These methods of restricting population are not to be encouraged, except when special reasons for them exist in individual cases. The most infants in USSR are born in institutions, enhances the initial prospect of the infant's future health. The Russian system of social insurance necessarily differs from that of any capitalistic countries, in view of the total abolition of private capital.