This chapter talks about the story of Squire Hunt who hold a court-martial and his wife Abigail Hunt. Abigail Hunt was a gracious and well-educated woman, distant kin to her husband, and both of them related to the Cromwell's and the Hancock's of Boston. Hunt's father had settled on the Ridge with a gift of magistracy, but his money came out of the fact that his family held a large interest in the ropewalks in Boston. At the heart of the story is a Quaker family, who hide the boy after his landing party has been killed in an ambush. Because the captain of the Hessians had ordered the hanging of a local whom he thought might be a spy, the town militia lay in wait, massacred the Hessians. The story is told from the point of view of Evan Feversham, a doctor who has seen enough of death, and an outsider in the narrow world of Puritan New England.