Mao Zedong writes letter to Xiao Zisheng on 27th September,1915. Mao Zedong and Xiao Zisheng should place primary importance on the cultivation of body and spirit, and on the acquisition of learning, and secondary importance on politics and current events. They should value substance over style, eschew embellishment, and keep only to the essential. In other words, every time they write a letter, it ought to convey some benefit; discourse should be laden with content. Mao Zedong have no merits other than his observance of the two sayings "share good with other people" and "emulate the good in others". Thus, when Mao Zedong have some gain, Mao Zedong would never dare keep it to himself and if there is some goodness to be found in another, Mao Zedong will seek him out even if he is a thousand li away.