In order to better understand the complex issue of eating disorders in the context of type 1 diabetes (T1DM), it is important to first understand the medical realities of T1DM. It remains unclear why girls and women with T1DM have increased rates of eating disorders, but T1DM is strongly associated with a number of general eating disorder risk factors. The model's top portion represents factors that could contribute to the risk of developing an eating disorder in T1DM. Diabetes health professionals report feeling frustrated by their lack of training in the treatment of eating disorders in T1DM as well as by the fact that specialized treatment for eating disorders in T1DM is rarely available. A team approach to treatment, involving many specialty providers, is considered the standard of care for both eating disorders and diabetes. In summary, the medical severity of eating disorders in T1DM and the high rates of disordered eating behaviors among women with T1DM are well established.