Pax Romana's earliest history can be traced back to a number of conferences among Catholic students that took place around the turn of the twentieth century. Pax Romana's human rights activities started almost immediately after the above discussion on its particular role as a Catholic NGO. From 13 to 16 August 1948, Pax Romana organized a first major discussion on human rights at the Second Assembly of the IMCS taking place at St Edmund's College, Ware. Franois Blin has provided invaluable information on the general history of the International Catholic Organizations (ICO) that formed a significant frame of reference for the UN-related activities of Pax Romana. Most of the existing analyses link the development of Pax Romana primarily to the changes associated with the Second Vatican Council. The more traditional analyses interpret the history of Pax Romana in line with an abrupt shift in the direction of Roman Catholic theology and practice that affected the core of the Catholic Church.