In Qualia-Structure descriptive system (QSDS@) noun, other nouns, verbs and adjectives serve as qualia roles and are included in Qualia-Structure (QS); similarly, in Argument-structure descriptive system for Chinese predicates (ASDS@) predicate, nouns and other verbs or adjectives serve as semantic roles and are included in Argument-Structure (AS). The concept of implicit predicate, however, fails to predict or confine exactly what verbs have been or can be implied in different constructions. All that can be done is to turn to the all-purpose world knowledge. The multi-layered QSDS@noun and ASDS@predicate provide important resources which lend force to various tasks in natural language processing, including: information extraction, content computing, public opinion analysis and mining of product reviews. The QS-AS coupling mechanism is closely related to grammatical constructions with implicit predicates. This mechanism of structural coupling is also manifested in a number of other constructions with a quasi-attributive, a telic verb or a middle-voice verb.